Living Books Wanted!

At the Institute of Canadian Archives, we are working to inspire compassion via storytelling, building bridges between people of different religions, races and social demographics. Let’s change the terrain of interfaith dialogue together. The Institute of Canadian Archives is launching a Hearts & Minds Living Library Compassion Catalogue on Sept. 9 at the Toronto City Hall and we’re looking for storytellers (Living Books) who:

–  Want to inspire compassion between those of different faiths and religious sects

–  Practice a religion, or practice spirituality of some form

–  Are willing to share personal stories

–  Are open-minded and non-judgmental


Living Books may have personal experiences including, but not limited to:

  • Religion and homosexuality

  • Loving beyond religious borders

  • Religious fundamentalism and what it means

If you fit our description or know someone who does, please help us change the world together by making a nomination to be a Living Book for the Institute of Canadian Archives.

To nominate someone or yourself, use this form

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Tell your story.

Be the change you want to see.