Humour & Compassion

Two things happened in the past couple of weeks.

First, providence pointed me to comedy, and by providence I mean my Facebook feed! And it was that week where all ours hearts felt heavy about the trauma in the world, and we found our faith in humanity dwindling. As I sat through my first standup comedy act, I felt there were greater powers at play. It was as if the universe wanted me to be there. And when I got out, I knew we would have to have comics talk about compassion, values and faith in front of the 300 strong crowd at our Hearts & Minds Living Library Compassion Catalogue at the Toronto City Hall.

So, without divulging much, I can say Im psyched about our comic lineup!! Especially this guy.


In a conversation with our social media coordinator Anna Wang, he shared how his ethnicity was the prime reason behind his decision to be a comic. During a show, “me being Asian was funny for them?” says, Anto. As soon as I heard this, It reaffirmed how our September event was on the right track.

The second thing was less of a thing and more of this epiphany.

Met a fellow CSI unicorn yesterday who I actually consider a friend. Yup, I’m easy.

Heard a bit about stuff happening in this awesome unicorn’s personal life. I felt that is the case for all of us on some level. We all are on this roller coaster ride. Have our ups and downs. Sometimes it is a professional challenge … and then fate decides to throw a curve ball. Our challenging moments, days, hours and minutes are further compounded by personal struggles: health, family, loved ones (or lack there of) , friends, burnt toast, cats etc.

So this needed to be said: you are all awesome. Hang in there, swing if you’re at the end of the rope. Better yet, make some lemonade.

So I remind myself everyday that we all know the importance of love, honesty, truth and compassion. We know how to care for people. And we know how important it us for us to pursue our dreams.

I hope you continue to be a positive force in the world.

Until next time.