What does compassion mean to me

At 14 I didn’t know the word compassion or its meaning. On my birthday my grandfather’s gift was in the form of some advice. He wrote as a small child he had read a poem and quoting few lines he said he wishes for all his grandchildren to follow this golden principle.











The lines he quoted are as follows:

Little drops of water
Little grains of sand
Make the mighty ocean
And the pleasant land
Little deeds of kindness
Little word of love
Make our earth an Eden
Like the Heaven above
He went on to say ” to hurt by words or deeds is easy but that turns out enemies, to please by sweet words or little deeds are also easy but with this, we make friends and admirers.
I always cherished his advice and daily try to follow it as well. I can’t say I am always successful it is a journey and it will only end when I no longer exist on this earth.
As a teenager, I asked him if every religion says only they will go to heaven or only their route takes them to heaven who will actually go to heaven. His response showed me the way, he said those people will go to heaven whose deeds are good. Compassion is the core human value was first explained to me by him and to this day his advice his actions showed me what compassion is and the reason why we at ICA believe it is important to revive that in today’s time.
– Sabika Baig