My Co-Working Experience

–  Reeda

“Wait? You don’t have an office you go to like everyday?” That’s one question I got a lot when I started my time as the Institute’s new Social Media Coordinator just a few weeks ago. And it’s true, that while we may not have a typical office that we go to week after week, we do have a chance at experiencing something else, something much more connected than just sitting in a cubicle for a typical 9-5. What we did have, was a chance to experience what the city has to offer in co-working spaces, first with the Good Gorilla by The Station at 401 Richmond and then with Project Spaces on Camden Street (also right down the road from Good Gorilla!)

If you’re wondering, what exactly is a co-working space, it’s basically like a shared space where people can come together and help one another on their various hustles, make connections, chill out and play some ping pong on Fridays, and pet all the cute dogs that you often see popping up in the space (which we as a team took full advantage off, as you can see on our Instagram.)

It was a really cool opportunity for all of us, getting to meet all these people who’ve stuck with their dreams and are now helping others realize theirs as well in all these beautiful, airy, chic spaces and we’re all excited to see where both the Toronto co-working scene and our little will be heading next!