Listen to This! – CANADALAND & So Help Me POD

      – Drew Yu

This month’s Listen To This! recommendation are actually two. We have two podcast based in Toronto; Canadaland and So Help Me POD. Canadaland is a current issues and news podcast that updates almost daily on the current issues at hand with I admit is a liberal bias, if that is your cup of tea. Personally I find the content really insightful as host Jesse Brown with others interview expert and divulge into issues that are at the centre of controversy in Canadian Society. If you ever read the Metro newspaper on your way to work and would like to know more about those barebones articles, this podcast is perfect. It beats reading 24 Hrs, let’s be honest. Less interesting to me is when they go meta and talk about controversies in news outlets but I wouldn’t be recommending that if that sealed the deal. Criticism of Canadian Media is always welcomed. Why I think more Canadians should listen to it is because we (especially in Toronto) are very America centric. We watch American television, follow American celebrities and even know more about American news and politics better than news in our own backyard. Our consumption of American media makes us blind to the happenings that actually affect us. Grow your mind by listening to Canadaland.

So Help Me POD is a very funny podcast hosted by two comics based in Toronto, Dan Thompson and Courtney Gilmour. This podcast deals with something I think most Canadians feel uncomfortable about talking: Religion. Even though religion is a very big part of many people’s lives, in modern society it feels very gauche to express one’s religion to others in public. It’s not that people are judging others for their faith (at least those with some decency) but that one’s faith might offend someone else. Religions don’t usually clash well, think of the past wars and atrocities born from such conflicts. Toronto is a modern experiment where people of all races, cultures and religion once again clash together in this land that is the territory of the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation. And so far I would say it’s pretty successful. We live here harmoniously respectful of each other’s boundaries and traditions. What is the problem is that respect can lead to apathy and distance of each other’s cultures. I don’t think we should start shouting preaches on Yonge and Dundas about Jesus but instead we should start in engaging in conversations on religion and challenge each other’s preconceived notions. So Help Me POD is a great start where there are relaxed conversations and religion can even be joked about. If you want to learn about other religions with a slice of humour thrown in So Help Me POD is a double thumbs up recommendation.