Chaos: India’s secret?

 – Shuang
My friend Candy lives in Boston with her husband. In Boston, she met many friends from all over the world. Here is a story she shared in her WeChat post:
Last weekend, my friend brought some Indian spices to my place, and cooked authentic Indian food for us. After we commented on the so-called Indian food available in Boston, I asked him, what do you miss most about India? He thought for a while, and said “craziness”, the “Indian chaos”. “In India, when you walk on a street, anything can happen. People get together so easily. It is not like here in the States, we are polite to each other, but in the politeness, I see distance.”
Somehow today it becomes more and more difficult for people to get together, have a conversation, and become friends. Our Hearts & Minds Living Library team spend several months just to create an opportunity for people to sit down and talk to each other. However, it happens all naturally in India. I am so curious why. If you know the answer, please share with me 🙂